Hello! Hello.

How are you?
Are you well? I hope you're well, or as close to well as it's possible to be these days.
It's been a while since I've done this, update the website. I hope to update it more eventually. I have plans and ideas
Some of you may have already listened to or watched Sitting in Silence, a show which six people watched and one person disliked enough to click the downward thumb button.
I may do more of those, even if no one watches or likes them
I also plan on recording a series where I talk about Ted Danson. I don't really know much about him, nor am I a big fan. I just want to record an episode outside and call it "Danson in the Street"
I'm also thinking of recording myself doing some standup comedy in front of an audience of no one
After all, I'm pretty sure someone at some point has probably said to me "no one thinks you're funny"

I'm sure there's more.
This will do for now though